Food Trends 101 at AICA


Food truck here, food truck there. It seems like everywhere you look, food places just keep on popping up. And there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, if you are a foodie like me, it can even be your haven!

And with that intense competition, restaurants need to up their game with what they have to offer. They need to put out dishes that people will love yet be inventive enough to leave a mark. Also, their menus should consist of food items that people will be clamoring about. One common factor among these food items is they have an originating food trend to follow.

Know your food

As a food lover and an occasional cook, myself, knowing the story behind the food that I cook and serve is important. Tasting them is not enough. Getting a better understanding of what I eat brings me closer to the food itself. On April 8, I was lucky enough to attend a one-day workshop in The Academy for International Culinary Arts (AICA) along with my fellow bloggers.

The day took us to a culinary journey around the world through a closer look at the 5 global food trends of today. It provided us with a deeper insight into the anatomy of each through knowing their history, the culinary processes that each involves, the numerous rounds of research and development it takes to discover and master the new flavors and a dash of creative ingenuity to put them in the spotlight.

Food Trends

The one-day workshop entitled An Intro into World Food Trends headed by Lilibeth Camposano, Culinary and Pastry Arts Instructor and Marlon Palomares, Culinary Arts Instructor provided me with more knowledge about food, food techniques, and what makes one an icon. The day started with a little introduction among bloggers – particularly the food that tickles their palates. Chef Lili and Chef Marlon then shared with us their diverse experiences in the culinary world. Their passion for food resonated with every word they said. It was inspiring!

After our quick intros and a tour of the kitchen, which by the way, was complete with utensils, ingredients, and whatnot, we were grouped into pairs. Each pair prepared seven dishes which involved some professional level palate and techniques. Among the dishes that we have prepared are pork carnitas, grilled flank steak, Maui Ahi Poke, and shrimp po’boys.

Gotta get cookin’

As a regular viewer of Masterchef and different food shows on cable, it overwhelmed me when I realized that the foods that I was just watching being prepared on TV are now being prepared by me. I am not new to cooking but cutting up veggies or kneading up dough in front of professional chefs kind of added extra pressure on my end. Luckily enough, we were assigned with an extra pair of helping hands in the form of AICA’s students.

After nearly an entire day of chopping, tossing, and grilling, the best part of the day came – eating! There is nothing more rewarding than munching down food that you, yourself, prepared. I am not sure if it is just me, but that made it taste so much better! And of course, as a wandering millennial, I did not miss the opportunity to take some pretty snaps of my food.

Experience it yourself!

If you are an aspiring chef or someone who simply loves food, you too can get to experience this. The Academy for International Culinary Arts (AICA)  has been around since 2004. It teaches the foundations of most cooking techniques including those that this trending food involves. Whether you are in Manila or Cebu, you can expand your knowledge about food! AICA offers 4 Diploma courses (all week) and 2 Certificate courses (only weekends) but has plans to add more one-day/very short workshops.

aica intro to world food trends
AICA is equipped with professional kitchen equipment

You may visit or call the Academy for International Culinary Arts (AICA) in their Manila and Cebu branches through the details found below:

Manila Business Address:

Suite 207 Skyway Twin Towers #351 Capt. Henry Javier street Pasig City, Philippines
Tel: +632.671.0276/77 & 6722271

Cebu Business Address:

The Gallery
Juan Luna Street Cor. Golam Drive
Mabolo, Cebu City, Philippines
Tel: +6332.316.4828

You can also like them on Facebook or visit their website for more details on programs offered.