3 Things You Should Know About The Mummy (2017)

The Mummy

This year, Universal Studios rides the bandwagon in creating their own cinematic universe. Instead of superheroes, it will instead consist of monsters from the studio’s roster. It is aptly named the Dark Universe. And so, a reboot of a famous franchise kicked it off. If you are planning to see the movie, here are five things that you should know about it:

  1. Reboot

    The Mummy series has been around since 1932 and the story has undergone different versions. Stephen Sommers’ version of a trilogy which came out in 1999 had a fun take on it. With Brendan Fraser onboard, the movies in the series were more of an adventure film, unlike Tom Cruise’s version which has a horror take. This is also set in the present times and not in the early 1930s.

    The Mummy plane crash
    Photo credits: United International Pictures
  2. Gather up!

    No cinematic universe is complete without a team of superheroes, misfits, or this time monsters. Marvel has Nick Fury for SHIELD, DC has Bruce Wayne, Dark Universe has Dr. Jekyll. Russell Crowe plays the classic character as the head of Prodigium. Its sole purpose is to hunt monsters of this universe. With The Bride of Frankenstein and Invisible Man on the way, it won’t take long before we see more of this organization.

    Russell Crowe The Mummy
    Photo credits: United International Pictures
  3. Female Power

    Women empowerment is all the rage these days with female-centric films like Wonder Woman and GhostbustersWe will see in The Mummy the first female mummy. Sofia Boutella plays the vengeful Ahmanet with such power and desire. She proved to be a formidable foe against Tom Cruise’s Nick Morton.

    Sofia Boutella the mummy
    Photo credits: United International Pictures


The Mummy (2017) is not a groundbreaking film but still is an interesting watch. While many fans of the 1999 film may pick it over this reboot, it is exciting to see how this will kick off the Dark Universe. Take a dive into a new world of gods and monsters.