Wonder Woman (2017) Movie Review

After receiving lackluster reviews for its roster of superhero movies, DC may have finally found its star player. Man of Steel (2013), Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) and Suicide Squad (2016) have been huge and dark but regrettably forgettable. Each of them had their fair share of polarizing reviews from audiences and fans alike. Wonder Woman, however, is like a light at the end of the tunnel with its refreshing take on DC’s grim superhero narrative. And for the first time, critics are raving about a DC film.

Gal Gadot first brought the character to life in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice alongside Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill. Audiences loved her presence and her embodiment of the legendary character. And so, giving the character its own movie was warranted.

wonder woman

The film immensely developed the DC Extended Universe. Man of Steel and BvS explored its intergalactic side, Suicide Squad delved on its mystics, while Wonder Woman dealt with the gods and goddesses. Picking up from the timeline after the events of Doomsday, Diana Prince recalled her reluctance to save mankind. As she breezed through her childhood in Themyscira, she established what a great all-female race the Amazons are. Following a huge war, they took refuge at the paradise island which remained secluded from the outside world.

From the outside world

That is until Steve Trevor crashed his warplane in its waters. Saving him exposed Prince to the exact opposite of the comforts of Themyscira. She then learned that the outside world is suffering from the destruction caused by the Great War. Gadot played Prince’s innocence in such a believable way. Fuelled by her passion for being a hero, she traveled to London with Trevor. Here, she is not a goddess nor a warrior but a woman out-of-place.

wonder woman

Chris Pine and Gal Gadot had a great chemistry. Pine’s comedic timings were spot-on and solidified the film’s distinction from the roster. Staying true to the DCEU’s vision, Wonder Woman packs some intense and well-crafted action scenes. From the battle in Themyscira to the rescue in “no man’s land” and the final battle with Ares, the film did not hold back in kick ass fight choreography.

Feminism done right

Director Patty Jenkins brought the movie at a right time when feminism is at a spotlight. Wonder Woman brought the much-needed lightness in DC’s grim cinematic universe. It was inspiring and highly entertaining. Gal Gadot proved that she is perfect for the role. She looked the part and knew how to bring in the punch. Wonder Woman is a great origin story and undeniably one of DCEU’s best after Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. If anything else, this might set the DCEU to a solid footing.

wonder woman